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The Regalia Luxury Resort
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The Regalia Beach Resort, is an insignia of Royalty where your escapades are enveloped with the regal hospitality at its best. This beautiful resort, located on the white sands of Ashvem with spellbinding views of the Arabian Sea, has been hand crafted to be your uncompromising and ultimate destination for luxury and comfort. The Weeping Fig, cashewnut trees aesthetically dotting the beachfront along with the resort's cobalt blue pool are all aimed towards drifting you miles away from the stressful modern life. Business or leisure, The Regalia invites you to experience the luxury and the hospitality - best in its class, to transform your stay into an ultimate holiday that relaxes your mind, body and soul.
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Monarch Restaurant
Enjoy exotic dishes with great tastes
Something mesmerizing happens when bare feet touch sand, when eyes rest on water and when lungs breathe sea air. Sunburns and jellyfish stings aside, beaches bring out the best in us. When we’re at our best, we want to eat the best. Fortunately, the world’s most beautiful beaches are culturally and ecologically diverse, with thriving culinary scenes based on sustainably sourced seafood. A line-to-table menu and a casual, family-style atmosphere make our restaurant a destination for seaside dining. Our seafood comes straight from the ocean into the kitchen. Dine with your toes in the sand and sample fish prepared on the outdoor wood-fired grill, or join friends for sunset cocktails on the beach before venturing indoors for an intimate dinner. Wherever you sit, the ocean view is magnificent. On a beach set beneath a lantern-lit tree and the starry sky, taste exquisite dishes, each paired with wine. Once at The Regalia Luxury Resort, it’s all yours. VIEW MORE...
Conference Hall
Presence, Flexibility and Service
Host your conference, meeting or seminar at our waterside location by The Regalia. The spacious and inviting facilities offer an appropriate maritime theme and can accommodate events with up to 80 participants. The fully equipped meeting and conference facilities will meet any requirement. And should you require our assistance, we would be happy to help, whether you need to tailor your conference beforehand to specific needs or would like to arrange lunch or dinner in our modern restaurant. Our focus is always on:

Placing an experienced, professional team of consultants at your disposal, guaranteeing attention to every detail

A fast response to your request

Thinking and planning ahead to ensure you feel comfortable and confident

Catering in a class of its own

You are also welcome to use our premises for private functions, such as weddings and confirmations. Contact us about the conference or meeting facilities today!
Tiara Lounge
Relax in our luxury bar with great drinks
Amidst the sound of the Arabian sea breaking the waves in the distance, lies the TIARA Lounge of THE REGALIA the much talked about Bar at the pool side. The place emanates a dreamlike warmth and elegance. With no TV or digital glare, casually dressed residents as well as bar loungers rub shoulders here along with a couple of celebrities if you are lucky. The neo-speakeasy gimmick, while trendy when the bar opened in 2017 has (incredibly) not lost an ounce of its allure. The Tiara Lounge has a serene service and a drink list that balances classics with flavourful mixology. You can Lounge around the pool side while enjoying a Mojito or a Pinacolada while savouring on some sumptuous sea food. In the costal belt of Ashwem, The Tiara Lounge has no equal. In the past year since its inception it has created a niche for its self in this tourist thronged belt. Lots of people talk about hospitality now because they realised during the mixology craze that Bartenders became like scientists or impersonal drink delivery systems. Tiara Lounge boasts and lives up to its reputation of being customer friendly where in the Bartender mixes your drinks with a flourish that would put a conjuror to shame. A sight to behold is the sundowners you can ask the barman to mix for you while you watch the orange red flaming sun dip into the Arabian Sea and watch the skyline twinkle to life. The Menu is worth its salt from a wide range of choicest of Whisky on display to tequila to the rum for those inclined and not to forget the mouth savouring cocktails. So just head to Tiara Lounge while in The Regalia to get the feel of LUXURY.
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Contemplating by the water feeds the soul. The expansive view of the ocean water, often referred to as "blue space" by psychologists, actually calms our mind. So, spend this vacation with family and friend only at The Regalia Luxury Resort!